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How To Escape From A Car Window

The trick you're about to see is important to know. I sure hope you never get trapped or locked in a car, but it's a scenario that can happen to anyone. You never know if...

Never Warm Up Your Car In The Winter

Winter is here again and it's time to get out from careless summer mode and get ready for cold, snow and ice. Every driver has their cold-weather routines and one of those is warming our...
texas barn findvideo

Texas Story Is Every Guy’s Dream

Imagine that you somehow became an owner of an old barn that hasn’t been opened in decades. Those barns can hide quite a lot of amazing things. Then, once you open the doors, you find...
Fire Extinguishervideo

How To Install A Fire Extinguisher In Your Car

Fire extinguishers are something every car should have even when the law doesn't say that. They're small and they're not too expensive, especially when you compare it to the cost of not having one in case...
Volvo Lifepaintvideo

Volvo Lifepaint Is The Best Invention Ever

Volvo Lifepaint will definitely save your day! Bikes are known as best possible transportation option ever. They're eco friendly, small and allow you to avoid rush hours and terrible traffic jams. Also, biking is an excellent...

What Happens When You Steal A Jeep’s Parking Spot

Ok, this one just made my day! I don' know about you, but in my city parking is a huge problem. Finding a decent parking spot is often just like playing lottery. Just is...
Cleaning Toolvideo

$2 Cleaning Tool Will Make Your Car Shine

You can use this simple cleaning tool to clean absolutely everything and it can make your home and car look brand new in minutes. I believe you've already heard of Magic Eraser from Mr....
absurd traffic accidentvideo

The Most Absurd Traffic Accident Of All Time

Depending on the part of the world where you are from, you're probably used to some sort of traffic jams and all kind of distractions on the road including animals. If you are...

Meet The Guy Who Built A Self-Driving Car In His Garage

While most of us just sit and watch how self-driving cars are taking over the roads, this guy went a step further. He built his very own self driving car. While it may...

Filling Up A Car With The Wrong Fuel

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you'd filled up a tank with the wrong fuel? Here's the answer. As an 'experienced user' I can tell you - when you're driving a not so...


DeTomaso Pantera Barn Find

Finding a 1974 DeTomaso Pantera is just like winning the jackpot, and that's exactly what happened to this guy. Treasure hunting is such a fun and...