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Unlock Your Car In 10 Seconds

What would you do if you locked your car with the keys left inside? If you want to unlock your car, there is always an easy way to do it. Locking keys in a...

The Strati Is First 3D Printed Car Ever

Even tho first 3D printer was created back in 1980s, we still don't know  what this stunning device is capable of. Just recently Local Motors has officially produced the first 3D printed car...
Fire Extinguishervideo

How To Install A Fire Extinguisher In Your Car

Fire extinguishers are something every car should have even when the law doesn't say that. They're small and they're not too expensive, especially when you compare it to the cost of not having one in case...

These Are Ten Roads You Just Don’t Want To Drive On

If you think you're on a road long enough to say you've seen it all, this video might be the right thing for you. These roads are a real nightmare. How often do you...
Double Decker Busvideo

Double Decker Bus to RV

Adam Collier-Woods was on eBay one day when he saw a old decommissioned double decker bus on sale. Adam wasn’t particularly sure what he would do with a double decker bus, yet he...
bumper dentvideo

Fixing A Bumper Dent With Boiling Water

I think it's safe to say we all care, maybe even a bit too much, about our cars. They are our precious possessions and it would be just awesome if they could always...

Magical Disappearing Garage Is Amazing

At first glance, Tom Gonzales’ family home looks like just another normal home. Lovely spacious house in the nature with beautiful garden and maybe just slightly bigger than usual driveway. Not even garage,...
Opel Kadettvideo

This Opel Kadett Is Something You’ve Never Seen Before

WKT is a tuning company from Germany with an excellent team of engineers. One of their biggest success is incredible 685hp Opel Kadett LS. At the moment it got into their hands, this Opel Kadett...

Restored Vintage Motorcycle Surprise

Kids expect their parents to provide them things they want and need. And there's absolutely nothing strange in that. They don't have their own money and still have needs and dreams, just like...

Why You Should Never Cut Off An 18-Wheeler

This video raised a lot of discussion about whose fault this accident is and if the driver of 18-wheeler could stop. But regardless, this cam footage is a great reminder that you should...


This Will Remind You How Easy Driving Is Today

Do you find driving a bit complex? Way back in 1908 the first Ford Model T was sold. It was a huge thing in automotive...