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Luxury Hotelvideo

Wonderful Luxury Hotel On Wheels

If you have some extra cash you're planning to spend on upgrading your road trip experience, this one is for you. The new 35ft long Morelo Empire Liner is not just any motorhome, it's...
Fire Extinguishervideo

How To Install A Fire Extinguisher In Your Car

Fire extinguishers are something every car should have even when the law doesn't say that. They're small and they're not too expensive, especially when you compare it to the cost of not having one in case...
bumper dentvideo

Fixing A Bumper Dent With Boiling Water

I think it's safe to say we all care, maybe even a bit too much, about our cars. They are our precious possessions and it would be just awesome if they could always...

The Ultimate Surprise for One Defender Fans

I almost cried to this One Defender kind of story. Will Radford, Jeremy Wells, Anthony Dawson and James Shatwell became friends during college. With their friendship getting stronger, they decided to buy a car. It...

This Toyota Has The Best Wheels Ever

English inventor Matthew Liddiard has created a set of tires that allows any driver in any car to rotate their vehicle 360 degrees and move in all direction (even sideways). You’re going to be...

Wipe Off The Snow Using The Car’s Bass

Wiping off the snow with the usual stuff is clichè. Why not use car bass instead? If you're a driver and live in area with snowy winters, you're most likely not a huge fan...
scam tirevideo

Car Tire Scam Could Cost You Your Life

Attention drivers! New scam is circling around and it could cost you your life. There were always scammers on used items markets and one should always be aware of the risk when buying used...

AeroMobil Will Make Your Jaw Drop

What you're about to see might look like a scene from a Sci Fi movie, but it's actually happening! Meet AeroMobil, a flying car. AeroMobil might look like something from outer space, but when...
sea lion carvideo

Sea Lion Makes Himself Comfortable On The Car

If you ever find yourself in Freeland, Washington, you might want to remember this video before leaving your car on a parking lot. Your car could easy become a new bed for a...

Wooden VW Beetle Will Leave You Speechless

It's official - this man is my new idol! His wooden VW Beetle is absolutely stunning! Most people after retirement start picking new hobbies to fill their days. Momir Bojic was not an exception. What makes him...


These Hilarious Road Signs Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Road signs are important. With so many vehicles out there, world without road signs would be an endless mess. They are here to remind...