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Why You Should Never Own A Black Car

Here's one reason why you need to think twice before purchasing a black car. We all know that darker colors absorb more heat than lighter ones. But does that really make a big difference...

Strangest Parking Fine Ever

No one likes getting a speeding ticket or parking ticket of any sort, but new technology is really not helping. These days it's pretty normal to get a ticket or parking fine through the...

AeroMobil Will Make Your Jaw Drop

What you're about to see might look like a scene from a Sci Fi movie, but it's actually happening! Meet AeroMobil, a flying car. AeroMobil might look like something from outer space, but when...
Mobile Homevideo

This Mobile Home Is A Serious Game Changer

Have you ever dreamed of spending your retirement years in a mobile home, touring the country and finally seeing all the sites, the monuments, the parks, and the attractions you missed throughout your...
absurd traffic accidentvideo

The Most Absurd Traffic Accident Of All Time

Depending on the part of the world where you are from, you're probably used to some sort of traffic jams and all kind of distractions on the road including animals. If you are...

The Ultimate Surprise for One Defender Fans

I almost cried to this One Defender kind of story. Will Radford, Jeremy Wells, Anthony Dawson and James Shatwell became friends during college. With their friendship getting stronger, they decided to buy a car. It...
Abarth Collectionvideo

This Abarth Collection Will Leave You Speechless

Oh my gosh. You just have to see this man's collection. This man is living every man's dream! People collecting old cars and a bit of memorabilia are nothing new. But this man took...
creative car and phone hackvideo

Super Simple Car and Phone Hack

This must be the simplest car and phone hack ever. And it's working! Today almost everyone owns a smartphone, and it's nothing new that smartphones are quickly becoming a replacement for almost everything. We...

Green Goo Is A Perfect Car Cleaner

Even if you don't have kids, you've probably noticed a fun toy known as a green goo somewhere. It's a really cool and simple toy for all ages. But did you know that goo...

Kenguru – The First Electric Car For Wheelchair Users

Meet Kenguru, one very special car that deserves the world's attention. Kenguru maybe looks a bit strange at first, but this car may change the future for wheelchair users. Most of the vehicles adjusted for...


These Are Ten Roads You Just Don’t Want To Drive On

If you think you're on a road long enough to say you've seen it all, this video might be the right thing for you....