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Tesla chargervideo

Tesla Charger Prototype Is Something You Have To See

This Tesla charger may give us a glimpse of how cool and awesome the future will become. Seeing where automotive industry is going in this century is absolutely stunning experience. More and more electric...

Model T Starts Even After 60+ Years

The Ford Model T is probably the most famous car in automotive history. It was produced by Ford Motor Company from 1908, to 1927 and is known as the first affordable car. It is also...
Mobile Homevideo

This Mobile Home Is A Serious Game Changer

Have you ever dreamed of spending your retirement years in a mobile home, touring the country and finally seeing all the sites, the monuments, the parks, and the attractions you missed throughout your...
Cleaning Toolvideo

$2 Cleaning Tool Will Make Your Car Shine

You can use this simple cleaning tool to clean absolutely everything and it can make your home and car look brand new in minutes. I believe you've already heard of Magic Eraser from Mr....

Why You Should Never Cut Off An 18-Wheeler

This video raised a lot of discussion about whose fault this accident is and if the driver of 18-wheeler could stop. But regardless, this cam footage is a great reminder that you should...
Fanciest Busvideo

Fanciest Bus You’ll Ever See

This vehicle might be the fanciest bus ever. It looks wonderful from the outside and its interior is.. just wow! Oh.My.Gosh. If this was mine, I would not only use it for driving, I would...
Double Decker Busvideo

Double Decker Bus to RV

Adam Collier-Woods was on eBay one day when he saw a old decommissioned double decker bus on sale. Adam wasn’t particularly sure what he would do with a double decker bus, yet he...

Why You Should Never Own A Black Car

Here's one reason why you need to think twice before purchasing a black car. We all know that darker colors absorb more heat than lighter ones. But does that really make a big difference...

Strangest Parking Fine Ever

No one likes getting a speeding ticket or parking ticket of any sort, but new technology is really not helping. These days it's pretty normal to get a ticket or parking fine through the...

1965 Chevy c-10: Restored

High school graduation is a big deal for everyone. Once the official part is done it's common to throw a party. Congratulations gifts are also a part of tradition. And while most young...


The Strati Is First 3D Printed Car Ever

Even tho first 3D printer was created back in 1980s, we still don't know  what this stunning device is capable of. Just recently Local...