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Tesla Has An Amazing New Feature

Just few years ago electric smart cars were something that sounded like a good science fiction movie. Today, electric cars are nothing strange and are becoming more and more popular. It's no surprise -...
Log Burnersvideo

Volkswagen Bus Log Burners Are Fabulous!

These log burners are something every Volkswagen fan will fall in love with. Shaun and Peter are two friends who share two passions - art and cars. Their story begins at the moment when...

Wipe Off The Snow Using The Car’s Bass

Wiping off the snow with the usual stuff is clichè. Why not use car bass instead? If you're a driver and live in area with snowy winters, you're most likely not a huge fan...

Model T Starts Even After 60+ Years

The Ford Model T is probably the most famous car in automotive history. It was produced by Ford Motor Company from 1908, to 1927 and is known as the first affordable car. It is also...

Firefighter Teaches Driver A Lesson

This is not a new story, but it's still worth seeing. Back in 2013, The City of Merced Fire Department of California went viral with their video, not because they saved someone's life,...
Cleaning Toolvideo

$2 Cleaning Tool Will Make Your Car Shine

You can use this simple cleaning tool to clean absolutely everything and it can make your home and car look brand new in minutes. I believe you've already heard of Magic Eraser from Mr....

How To Escape From A Car Window

The trick you're about to see is important to know. I sure hope you never get trapped or locked in a car, but it's a scenario that can happen to anyone. You never know if...

Fast And Furious Nerd SHOCKS Instructors!

If you're in the mood to laugh out loud, this is a good place to be. These instructors will make you laugh out loud! One driving school thought it would be funny to welcome...

Restored Vintage Motorcycle Surprise

Kids expect their parents to provide them things they want and need. And there's absolutely nothing strange in that. They don't have their own money and still have needs and dreams, just like...

Unlock Your Car In 10 Seconds

What would you do if you locked your car with the keys left inside? If you want to unlock your car, there is always an easy way to do it. Locking keys in a...


Amazing Beetle Transformation

Kim Steger loves her 1973 Volkswagen Super Beetle to death. It was her first car ever when she was 16 and she’s held onto...